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Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun)

Your Alibaba Cloud Account needs to be configured to allow the application to authenticate and run queries on your usage and billing data via Alibaba Cloud BSS OpenAPI.

  1. Ensure your Alibaba Cloud account has the correct permissions

    • Create or use an existing RAM user with the following permissions:
      • AliyunBSSFullAccess
      • AliyunBSSReadOnlyAccess
      • AliyunBSSOrderAccess

    More information on permissions and resource access control for the BOA API can be found here.

  2. Obtain your Alibaba Cloud credentials

    • Go to the Alibaba User Center to obtain your access key (ALI_ACCESS_KEY) and secret access key (ALI_ACCESS_SECRET).
  3. Configure API or CLI environment variables

    • Add the ALI_ACCESS_KEY and ALI_ACCESS_SECRET variables to the .env file in the API or CLI folder. Reference packages/api/.env.template for a template .env file. Rename this file as .env and set the appropriate variables.

    • If you are only using Alibaba Cloud, you can remove the environment variables associated with other cloud providers in your packages/api/.env file.

  4. Usage and Billing Data

    • Usage and billing data is fetched using Alibaba Cloud BSS OpenAPI. Make sure this feature is enabled and configured properly in your Alibaba Cloud account.
  5. Finally, after performing a yarn install, start up the application

    yarn start


    yarn start-api

warning This will incur some cost. Use this sparingly if you wish to test with live data. Please refer to Ali Docs FAQ for more information.

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